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Even committed to hunting and nature, we have built up our HUNTING product center over the past decade. The mainspring was not to offer quantity but class. And also because mainly relying on our own experience, craftsmanship with the self-made articles and the reluctance to really only offer things that meet our own requirements. From our point of view, every single product should be a worthwhile purchase for the hunter. The latest additions here since mid-2019 are thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices. Hunting ethics mean that the use of night targeting techniques for the purpose of shooting game is always an individual decision of the individual. Provided, of course, that the law. Release exists at all. The use of thermal imaging devices for the purpose of observation is completely different. From our point of view, these represent such an enrichment of hunting as it has probably never been seen in the hunting sector. And the pursuit of the hunt is by no means just shooting.
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