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EM FounderOur company, founded in 1923 under the name of "Etuifabrik Fritz Hunger KG", Mittweida/Sachsen, produced first of all boxes for safety-razors, cutleries and hats of wood and card-board. These produ- ces supplemented later with cases for cosmetic articles and drawing instruments, for instance compasses. During the World War Two were principally decoration-cases a large part of production. After the World War Two to in the sixties company adapted market's need. Manufacture consisted of cases for all kinds of things, e.g. cases for writing-tools. In the middle of sixties company produced cases of massive wood for music branch. From that time on company produce reeds for clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon continuous, traditional-cons- cious and having a wide experience. Mr. Wilhelm Hunger, founder's son, succeeded to lead company despite nationalisation over a period of 40 years. In acknowledgement of top quality and reliability had the company a relatively independence from state regulations. Cases for drawing instruments were from now on main produces. At the same time company put on the market traditional and successful music-cases, school-experiment-tools and another articles, partly also outside the branch. In 1987 founder's son, Mr. Wilhelm Hunger, retired from management. Younger successors were Mr. Matthias Sachse and Mr. Hartmut Anker. In the first instance production continued. New managers organised on conditions the market economy a product range to which produce of spectacle cases specially is to emphasise. At the present time essentially product range consist of music-cases (reeds, dubble-reeds) and spectacle cases. Moreover give it a multitude new produces among other things article of leather, special models and offer, goods made to specifications. You find us as usual in the district town Mittweida in the locality where in 1923 founded our company.

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